The R+W Vision:

Landscape Enhanced Accommodation

Choose your destination. Choose your landscape. Discover the world's best kept secret hideaways.

Room + Wild believes that the world's best accommodations are the ones creatively and beautifully integrated with nature. We curate a list of exotic retreats around the globe that not only provide guests with an unforgettable experience in a natural setting but have the highest possible trip advisor ratings; lodgings with warmth, personality, great design and adventurous spirit. Let us help you choose a hotel that takes your trip from great to unforgettable.

Services offered:

hotel bookings  •  trip planning  •  custom honeymoons  •  transporation

Our legend for accommodation costs:

  • 1 Pineapple | $0 - $200 a night
  • 2 Pineapples |  $200 - $400 a night
  • 3 Pineapples | $400 - $800 a night
  • 4 Pineapples | $800 + a night

Download our brand book for further info or connect with us at for custom trip planning and recommendations on your next nature retreat.

Team R + W:

Born from the friendship of two coconut lovers. Built by two travelers' hearts. Inspired by the world.

Welcome!  If you have any comments or interest in contributing your ideas for landscape enhanced accommodation with Room + Wild please connect with us at