The Personalities

Hardy explorers, the spiritual and the soulful.


Train ride to a mysterious and foreign land. Become hypnotized by the greenest valleys shadowed by the steepest mountains. Feel Godly in the most exquisite of abodes.

best visiting months

March to June and September to November.



Why stay

This destination is a true blessing for adventurers. Situated among remote villages on the cusp of the Indian Himalayas, these beautiful alpine lodges are lined by rhododendron, pine and oak forests, surrounded by cloud mist. Inside, the atmospheres are cozy, with camp-fires and soft woolly nights. Shakti plans glorious day-to-day experiences for you with nights spent at their Kumaon, Sikkim, Ladakh, or Leti accommodations. Live life on the edges of the highest mountain range in the world - the Himalayas (75% of the mountains reside in Nepal, however this spot is in on the Indian side).

Why wander

Hike through floral forests, dropping in on quaint villages or the lush terraced fields of Sikkim. Meet warm and generous people, dip your toes in a stream, try yoga and meditation sessions. For a spot so remote, you'll still find discoveries at every angle.

Indulge in

Samosas with Tamarind Chutney from the breath-taking Leti's dining room.

Getting There

Fly to New Delhi and take a train to Kathgodam then a 3.5 hour car ride to Almora. Shakti offers itineraries and trekking experiences, you'll hop from one of their lodges to the next.

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