The Personalities

Treat yourselfers and honeymooners. 


The scents of Bali and the humid air warming your soul. Sinking into an aromatherapy flower bath. An afternoon visit to the Holy Temple for a traditional Balinese blessing. A secret romantic dinner for two complete with a special dessert activity - write your hopes and dreams on a leaf, tie leaf to floating paper lantern and release it into the river under the stars (this cannot be real).

Best Visiting Months




Why stay

One ride up the funicular (coolest of words), your intimate villa awaits. It sits perched over a dewy and lush landscape, overlooking emerald pools that jet out over a deep gorge. Swimming into the center of the rainforest, this swim feels more like a portal into Fern Gully. 

Why wander

Ubud is a spectacular yoga-infused village full of artists and monkeys. Stroll through the streets and find many restaurants offering stunning rice paddy field vistas. The greenness of these views is invigorating. Continue exploring and you'll find yourself at the entrance to the famous Sacred Monkey Forest. Clutch your belongings and don't make eye contact with the monkeys.

Indulge in

The most delicious watermelon juice, Indonesia's perfect national dish - nasi goreng (fried rice with spices and a fried egg atop), fresh fish and prawns.

Getting There

You'll mainly explore on foot through Ubud. Venturing to neighbouring villages will require taxis.

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