The R+W Vision:

Landscape Enhanced Accommodation

Choose your destination. Choose your landscape. Discover the world's best kept secret hideaways.

Room + Wild believes that the world's best accommodations are the ones creatively and beautifully integrated with nature. We curate a list of exotic retreats around the globe that not only provide guests with an unforgettable experience in a natural setting but have the highest possible trip advisor ratings; lodgings with warmth, personality, great design and adventurous spirit. Let us help you choose a hotel that takes your trip from great to unforgettable.


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Legend for accommodation costs:

  • 1 Pineapple | $0 - $200 a night
  • 2 Pineapples |  $200 - $400 a night
  • 3 Pineapples | $400 - $800 a night
  • 4 Pineapples | $800 + a night 

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Born from the friendship of two coconut lovers. Built by two travelers' hearts. Inspired by the world.


Sasha Semeniouga

"I put the lime in the coconut"

Lover of the tropics, seafood, cats, caipirinhas and anything coconut.

Sasha has wandered from place to place as long as she can remember. From petting camels on Bulgarian beaches to long train rides to Finland, sailing through the Mediterranean with her mom or eating the best tomato salad of her life in a hidden Turkish treehouse. She discovered early on that those are the types of experiences that stay with you for life. 

Growing up in Moscow, and studying at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Sasha now calls Toronto her home. 

Always falling in love with everything Latin or Mediterranean, Sasha's trips to Greece, Mexico and Colombia have sparked the creation of Room + Wild. Quickly discovering that her positive travel experiences coincided with the extraordinary accommodations where she stayed, Sasha wanted to help others explore exotic destinations in a new way. Wanting the intimacy and comfort of a rental home combined with the luxuries one would get from a hotel, Sasha found what she was looking for in eco-lodges, family owned villas, sustainable design hotels, and unique b&bs - all now a part of the Room + Wild collection. 

Still travelling the world any chance she gets, discovering new nature retreats and wishing she could take her cat Leopold along, Sasha dreams of guiding the tourism industry towards sustainable travel and one day building her own ecolodge on a small South American island with her boyfriend Nick. 



“I am easily satisfied... with the best.”

Lover of exotic architecture, heavy metal, french films, Japanese toy culture, and good tequila.  

Maddalen was born in Toronto, Canada to Hungarian and Italian scuba-diving enthusiast parents. Following their underwater adventures, from Hawaii to Jamaica to Muskoka, all through her childhood, Maddalen developed a taste for unique undiscovered places.

Maddalen lived and breathed the Toronto music and art scene. After graduating with honours in Film Studies at Laurier University, she started her career in Public Relations. As a publicist she worked her way through Joe Fresh, Faulhaber Communications and starting her own company, before taking a plunge and moving to the pastel streets of Guadalajara, Mexico in 2017. When she's not wandering through agave fields in the Town of Tequila, snowboarding in Whistler, having cocktails named after her, or being a new mom to her cat Mezcal, Maddalen is working on PR, strategy, and brand for Room + Wild.


"There are people who swim in pools while next to the ocean... I am not one of them"

Lover of the universe, oceans, dogs, and really good tomatoes.

Born in Toronto, Canada to immigrant parents - mom from London, England and dad from Rhodes, Greece, Nick knew there was more to the world than his hometown from a very early age. Summers were spent in Greece, eating octopus and watermelon or climbing ancient ruins. Winters in Canada were spent playing hockey, building igloos, or chasing the family dogs.

Nick has always been a huge wildlife lover and supporter, fascinated by oceans (most notably the Shark), and holds sustainability close to his heart. After studying Marketing and International Business at Ryerson University as well as Art Direction at The Toronto Film School he went on to work as a Brand Manager in Advertising and the Music Industry, specializing in digital and experiential marketing. He continues to apply his multifaceted creativity in connecting the dots and executing successful collaborations and partnerships. Nick has helped Room + Wild grow beyond its horizons and has shaped it into what it is today.

When Nick is not exploring and documenting new corners of the world, adding to his rock collection or looking at the night sky at his summer home on a small Greek island of Kastellorizo, he is producing music, creating and marketing brands, or cooking "something different". 

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