Switzerland, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Australia; nestled within these regions are some of the most remarkable and unique hideaways in the world. Amidst these gems lies something for every true adventurer.

From your Eco-pod, view the traversing inclines and declines of Valais, Switzerland or take a meandering walk through lost meadows to reach the wide open salt flats of Salar de Uni, Bolivia where you will stay in an igloo made of salt.  Explore the cascading sand dunes and oasis that is the surreal lagoons of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Brazil. Stay in a villa overlooking the forests and pampas (lowlands) while experiencing the wildlife, and biodiversity in Patagonia, Chile.  Discover the feeling you get from immersing yourself in the majestic, lush surroundings of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia all from a luxury tent on stilts.

These are moments in time that simply have to be seen and felt to be believed. The hidden hideaways that call to everyone’s sense of discovery and the human need to experience life. Never stop exploring.



Whitepod is a eco-luxury hotel and Alpine experience in Valais, Switzerland, consisting of a village of pods, surrounded by private ski slopes and hike trails. A pod is a sphere composed only of triangles (using minimum materials), complete with all of the amenities of a traditional hotel room. Choose the Cozy Pod, The Family Pod, the Deluxe Pod or one of the newer Pod Suites. Choose the Swiss Pod Suite, complete with a large terrace and a bar with a selection of wines and vermouth, or the Forest Pod Suite with a hammock in the indoor trees and unparalleled views. All suites include a private sauna. By staying at Whitepod, you are contributing the hotel's sustainable lifestyle.

Both seasons offer a wide variety of unique and traditional outdoor activities. Enjoy access to 7 km of ski slopes with private ski lifts, dog sledding and snowshoe hiking the winter. Summer offers 25 km of hiking trails, as well as unique activities, like hiking-cooking trail, where you cook with the plants you’ve gathered or edu-trail hike, where you learn about the region's agriculture. Those looking for something with more adrenaline will love mountain biking or paragliding with a certified pilot. If you care tear yourself away from the property, take a day trip to Lavey-les-Bains Thermal Baths, Salt Mines of Bex, Fairies’ Cave, or the Jardin Zen – Aigle. End the day with a relaxing massage, available back at the hotel.

Palacio de Sal


Palacio de Sal Hotel is located on the edge of the vast and mysterious Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia - the world’s largest salt flat. Mirroring its environment, everything from the walls to the furniture in the hotel is built entirely with salt. Choose one of 30 igloo-like rooms, built with salt blocks. Relax by the fireplace in the game room or have a drink at the bar after a long day of exploring. Take in your surroundings from Palacio de Sal's viewing room with a surreal 360 degree view.

You are here for Salar de Uyuni -  the largest salt flat in the world, covering an area of 12,000 square km, and sitting 3660 meters above sea level, visible from space. Created by a prehistoric lake going dry, Salar de Uyuni is a desertlike landscape of salt, rock formations and islands. Discover this other-worldly natural wander while staying at Palacio de Sal on foot or mountain bikes. Other Bolivian landmarks not to be missed are Árbol de Piedra ("stone tree") in the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve; Laguna Verde (Green Lagoon), a salt lake in the Sur Lípez Province, where you will also come across flamingoes; Laguna Celeste, another famous Bolivian lake and last but not least the Salvador Dalí Desert (Valle de Dalí), where landscapes resemble the artist's signature paintings.

La Ferme de Georges


La Ferme de Georges is an eco hotel on the edge of the surreal sand dunes and lagoons of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in the town of Atins, in northeastern Brazil. Built on a hill, and overlooking the river and the jungle, the lodge offers 7 casitas, appropriately named the Dune Chalet, the River Chalet, the Tree Chalet and the Park Chalet, after various natural elements in the area, and designed with local materials. Enjoy the many viewing points and hammocks throughout the property. Visit the organic garden. 

You are here to explore The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park - a unique protected area with freshwater turquoise lagoons and smooth surrealistic sand dunes. Trek the dunes on foot, horse back, or with a 4x4. Go Kite Boarding or Surfing. Enjoy the unique flora and fauna of the area. Find a unique way to document this heaven on earth.  

Photo property of La Ferme de Georges

Photo property of La Ferme de Georges

Longitude 131


Welcome to the raw majestic wilderness of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia. Longitude 131° is a luxury resort standing at the foot of Australia’s most recognizable natural sights - Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the sacred red mounts of Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). Choose one of the fifteen luxury tents on stilts, all with stunning views of Uluru, designed to keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter. Relax beneath the canopy roof, at the resort's library where you can read about ancient explorers after a day full of adventure. Cool off in your personal oasis in the outdoor swimming pool. This is the ultimate wilderness luxury experience.  

Explore the unique flora and fauna of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. See the desert come alive with a Sunrise Walk before dawn. Take a camel ride through the vast surroundings. Discover unique geology with Longitude's knowledgable guides. 

Awasi Patagonia


Awasi Patagonia is located on the outskirts of Torres del Paine National Park inside a private reserve. Choose one of 12 hillside villas with panoramic views of Lake Sarmiento and horn-shaped peaks of Cuernos del Paine. Surrounded by a forest and pampas (lowlands), the area is perfect for wildlife sightings. The cottages are inspired by old patagonian shelters, providing privacy, yet open to observing the natural world. 

Awasi Patagonia offers tailor-made, private tours perfect for anyone wanting a luxurious wilderness experience. You will be assigned your own guide upon arrival, to built a custom itinerary - whether it's horseback riding, fishing, or hiking the unique Torres del Paine landscapes. Mountain bike or ride horses through the majestic plains to the lakes. Kayak through fjords and ancient glaciers. Hike through dense forests. Spot condors, pumas and flamingoes. Be one with the wild and discover one of the only places in the world that hasn't changed in centuries - Patagonia. 

Photo property of Awasi Patagonia

Photo property of Awasi Patagonia


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