A world made of ice. Crisp, bright snow. Watching the starry arctic sky without leaving your igloo. The purples and greens of Aurora Borealis.



Image property of Manshaussen + Steve King

Manshausen is a resort and activity centre on a tiny Norwegian island by the same name, created by polar explorer Børge Ousland – the first person to visit the North Pole in a solo expedition. The unique retreat is made up of sustainable and modern seacabins, the main house, and the Expedition loft. The two bedroom seacabins are spread out along the stone jetty and the terrain, overlooking the place where the sea and the mountains meet through large floor to ceiling windows. created by architect Snorre Stinessen is the designer of the huts. Relax in the hot tub and watch the starry sky. Visit the newly renovated main house for a large open dining area as well as a fully stocked National Geographic library. Manshausen aims to soon be climate neutral and supports local food producers.

Levin Iglut


Image property of Levin Iglut

Levin Iglut is a magical winter retreat, comprised of glass igloos in Lapland, Finland’s northernmost region, with nothing but arctic wilderness surrounding you. The igloos are positioned along a slope with unobstructed views of the northern sky and snow covered trees. Choose a Superior or Premium Igloo, perfect for couples; or the Northern Lights House for larger groups of families, complete with a kitchen, a fireplace, and a hot tub on the private terrace. Enjoy panoramic views, a true winter wonderland, and being completely off the grid. 



Image property of Treehotel

Treehotel combines great design, nature, sustainability and magic to create one of the most unique retreats in the world. Located in Northern Sweden, in the village of Harads, your long journey to get here will be worth it. Choose one of the 6 unique treehouses with the view of Lule River valley, surrounded by centuries-old pines and suspended 4-6 metres above the ground. Each treeroom has been created by some of Scandinavia’s best architects and everything from the rooms to the furniture has been custom designed. The Cabin Treeroom has amazing views of the Lule River valley and a large wooden deck. The Mirrorcube Treeroom perfectly blends into its surroundings and its six windows provide a panoramic view of the forest. The Bird's Nest's unique design speaks for itself. The Blue Cone Treehouse is accessible through a bridge from the nearby mountain and has 4 beds. Choose The UFO Treehouse for a truly out of this world experience, built for 5 people. The Dragonfly Treehouse is the largest and perfect for accommodating a large group. End your day at the Tree Sauna for a true Swedish experience. 

Ion Hotel


Image property of Ion Hotel

Ion is a luxury adventure hotel. Award-winning Northern Lights bar and the Lava Spa provides the atmosphere necessary to "recharge, reflect and rejoice". Ion's location by the “Golden Circle” route, makes it the perfect starting point from which to explore Iceland's rich heritage. Start with seeing the enormous geyser Strokkur (erupting every 5-7 minutes), following the scenic Gullfoss. Hike to the top of a dormant volcano, go glacier hiking, ice climbing and rafting, then sit in a thermal hot spring, or swim in the Blue Lagoon. The possibilities are endless in “the land of fire and ice”.

Sorrisniva Hotel


Image property of Sorrisniva

Sorrisniva is an all year adventure retreat in Alta, Norway, whether you are coming in the winter to visit the famous Igloo Hotel or in the summer for salmon fishing or river tours. The Igloo Hotel consists of 30 rooms and suites (including the bridal suite), an ice gallery full of intricate sculptures, and the ice-chapel, perfect for a fairytale winter wedding. Everything is made of snow and ice and the hotel is rebuilt every year with a new theme. Next to the Igloo Hotel is the main Lodge, with all the necessary facilities; a living rooms with a fireplace, the restaurant and the sauna.