Find yourself staying within the Blue Lagoon; surrounded by the ancient Atacama Desert; dramatic landscapes of the Chilean Patagonia; a wild coral reef sanctuary; or unique freshwater turquoise lagoons and smooth surrealistic sand dunes.

Retreat at Blue Lagoon


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The Retreat is the official accommodation of the infamous Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Luxurious, private, and complete with its own hot spring and an otherworldly spa, the hotel is a perfect destination for those looking to recharge and relax in unusual surroundings. Choose between the Moss Suite or the Lava Suite, facing moss-covered lava fields and the volcanic horizon or The Lagoon Suite with floor-to-ceiling windows and your own private blue lagoon. The minimalist modern suites are designed to reflect the native Icelandic nature - charcoal tiles, lime green accents, warm-coloured wood. The surrounding lagoon and the spa is why you are here. Spend hours in mineral-rich waters, steam caves, and suspended nest chairs. Take part in geothermal seawater treatments — with silica, algae, and minerals.

Drive across the country. Start with seeing the enormous geyser Strokkur (erupting every 5-7 minutes), following the scenic Gullfoss. Hike to the top of a dormant volcano, go glacier hiking, ice climbing and rafting, then sit in a thermal hot spring, or swim in the Blue Lagoon. The possibilities are endless in “the land of fire and ice”. The Retreat is the perfect last stop after discovering Iceland's “Golden Circle” route.

Tierra Atacama


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Tierra Atacama is a boutique desert hotel located 2,407 metres above sea level in Northern Chile. Enjoy views of the Andes mountain range nearby volcanoes, and the infinite desert. All the rooms are inspired by Atacama landscapes with nude and cocoa accents; include Tierra’s signature outdoor showers, and private terraces with stunning views of Licancabur Volcano or the Cordillera de Sal. The scenery is reflected in the indoor and outdoor design of the hotel for a true nature-inspired experience. Visit the Uma Spa for unique treatments, like Reiki & Crystal Massage, complimented with rica rica herbal tea or chilled cucumber water or spend the afternoon in a wicker hammock under ancient desert trees. 

Atacama Desert is every explorer's dream, where you can wander on foot, horseback, bike or 4x4. Hike Cordillera de la Sal through surreal moon-like landscapes and sand dunes of Valle de la Muerte (Death Valley). Take a rewarding soak in the hot springs of Puritama. Discover the colourful Rainbow Valley (Valle Arcoiris). Hike Licancabur Volcano, where you will stumble upon across flamingoes or llamas. Have lunch at Salar de Tala (salt flats). Take part in unique stargazing experiences in the place with the clearest sky in the world.

Tierra Patagonia


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Tierra Patagonia Adventure and Spa Hotel is located on the shores of Lake Sarmiento, with Paine Massif in the background, just outside of Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. The landscape hotel seamlessly blends into its surroundings and is built like it was "shaped by the wind", inspired by Patagonia. Light is a major part of the design, bringing the outside in, with large windows facing the lake and the mountains. The glass-paneled Uma Spa is one of the highlights, complete with an indoor pool, a sauna, a steam room, and an open-air hot tub, perfect for nightly stargazing. Tierra Patagonia is in association with the Chilean Tourist Board and Forestry Association, supporting the reforestation project, aiming to plant one million trees across Chilean Patagonia.

You are here to explore. Take a walk along the outer edges of Torres del Paine National Park, reserved especially for guests of Tierra Patagonia. Look out for sightings of eagles, foxes, ostrich (ñandú) and condors. Go horseback riding. Feel humbled by the Cordillera Paine and Sierra Baguales mountainscapes surrounding you. Take a photography tour to document the iconic peaks, glaciers, and mirror-glass lagoons. 

La Ferme de Georges


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La Ferme de Georges is an eco hotel on the edge of the surreal sand dunes and lagoons of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in the town of Atins, in northeastern Brazil. Built on a hill, and overlooking the river and the jungle, the lodge offers 7 casitas, appropriately named the Dune Chalet, the River Chalet, the Tree Chalet and the Park Chalet, after various natural elements in the area, and designed with local materials. Enjoy the many viewing points and hammocks throughout the property. Visit the organic garden. 

You are here to explore The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park - a unique protected area with freshwater turquoise lagoons and smooth surrealistic sand dunes. Trek the dunes on foot, horse back, or with a 4x4. Go Kite Boarding or Surfing. Enjoy the unique flora and fauna of the area. Find a unique way to document this heaven on earth.  

Chumbe Island


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humbe Island is a private island retreat near Zanzibar, Tanzania. This unique tiki destination is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and a lush tropical jungle. Stay in one of seven eco bungalows, designed to provide both privacy and a sense of freedom of living in the open. The rooms are steps away from a pristine white sand beach, which you can see from your bed. Enjoy being able to stroll from your bungalow hammock to the warm tropical ocean in under 30 seconds.

Chumbe Island Coral Park is a private nature reserve that includes a protected coral reef sanctuary and a forest reserve. Besides the rich marine environment, there are multiple nature trails and historical ruins for you to discover. Swim with gentle gigantic sea turtles and colorful fish. Take a night nature walk to look for coconut crabs. Enjoy being stranded on this one of a kind tropical island.


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