Awe-inspiring setting at one of the world’s highest luxury resorts. Cliffs and crashing waves. Looking into distant city lights near the shoreline. Just you and the elements.

Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar


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Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar is a remote canyon-edge hotel perched on top of Al Hajar mountains, 2,000 metres above sea level in Oman. Enjoy a truly awe-inspiring setting at one of the world’s highest luxury resorts. There are 82 canyon view rooms and 33 private pool villas, including Oman’s most luxurious three-bedroom pool villa, designer in an authentic Arabian and Omani style. Take in the jagged rock formations, the majestic mountains and cliffs from your private balcony or the infinity pool. Stand on the Canyon view platform, made infamous by Princess Diana. End the day at one of the world’s highest luxury spas. (try the Rose Ritual, with Al Jabal Al Akhdar’s Damask roses)

Tainaron Blue Retreat


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Tainaron Blue Retreat is an intimate boutique hotel, inside a 19th-century stone tower, located on the slope of Taygetos mountain in Mani, Greece -  the southernmost point of mainland Europe. The three rooms are located inside the Tower, with its narrow staircases and wooden ladders, taking you on a journey to the past. Take in the unique ancient architecture, the panoramic views and the sea stretching out before you, as well as Olive Oil toiletries in every room.   

Munduk Nature Resort


* Image property of Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort

Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort and Spa is a hillside retreat and coffee plantation in Northern Bali, Indonesia. Enjoy panoramic views of rice fields, coffee trees, and mountains with the Javas volcano and the coastline in the distance. Relax in the 18 meter infinity pool - chosen as the world's third top Infinity Pool by Asia Spa. The boutique hotel offers 9 villas and 3 suites, designed by award winning Bali architect, Popo Danes. See traditional Balinese architecture married with modern design and amenities, private terraces, bathrobes, and luxury toiletries. 

The Hacienda Na Xamena


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The Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza sits on top of a majestic cliff, high above the Mediterranean and surrounded by a pine forest. If you are looking for privacy, luxury and relaxation - this place is for you. The property is a traditional white Ibiza-style villa in the midst of a preserved natural park. There are 77 rooms and suites to choose from as well as 4 restaurants, a bar, a spa and a sun terrace. The unique feature of The Hacienda Na Xamena are Cascadas Suspendidas - cascading therapeutic waterfalls, suspended at the top of the cliffs. The water circuit is made of several pools of heated sea water, with different depths and levels, connected by waterfalls. 

Hotel Encuentro


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You are here for the beautiful vast surroundings, the unique architecture and the wine. Enjoy 20 luxury cabins sitting in the valley with wineries and green hills in the background, seamlessly blending into the environment. Relax on the pool terrace  or watch the stars in jacuzzi at night. Light the Mexican kiva to stay warm on a private wooden terrace.


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