The Personalities

Creative campers, hippie chic travelers & ghost-town prowlers.


A hot outdoor shower while the sun sets over golden sand. Drinkin' beers and shootin' the breeze with real cowboys. Setting your spirit free.

Best Visiting Months

Visit June through to October and prepare for hot days and quite cool nights. Book 6 months in advance or more.



Why stay

Some of the things you might hear when staying at El Cosmico: "It's so chill here, it's crazy" or "It's the best place on earth". It's true, this is a place of simplicity, creativity and just plain coolness. Upon arrival you will toss your duffle bag into your own cute shiny red wagon and wheel it over to your teepee, safari tent or neon coloured trailer. Spend the afternoon swinging away in a hammock. Meet friendly new folks at a low-key outdoor BBQ. Curl up in a comfy duvet under the stars. You'll feel an energy so relaxed you won't want to leave this desert life.

Why wander

Imagine a Prada store dropped in the middle of the desert as a pop art installation. Or a general store selling something called Bottled Rain Water. Dancing the night away to live music at an old glam West Texas bar. Or how about ripping around the desert in ATVS? 


Fly to El Paso, rent a car and drive 2 hours to Marfa - explore beyond too as there is so much to see in Texas.


3$ craft beers. Old gas station turned gourmet pizzeria. Padres: the funeral home turned cocktail joint. The Food Shark's scrumptious food truck bites and late night grilled cheeses.

*Photos property of EL COSMICO