The Personalities

Cast aways & barefoot divas.


Eating a ripe papaya in your soft bed. The ocean mist. The ripples of the sand. The peacefulness & the music. 

Best Visiting Months

Visit year round or enjoy the warmest months from May - November



Why stay

"The silence is only interrupted by the sounds of the wind and the sea." This charming seaside escape is the perfect spot for those looking for solace and reflection. Built to respect the land around it, this guesthouse is carefully integrated into the landscape in the most luxurious of ways. Float between the sky and the sand dunes in a hammock or sway to the soft beat of Cape Verdean music "Morna" before tip-toeing back to your pristine white canopy bed.

Why wander

Boa Vista is located within an archipelago containing 10 islands off the coast of West Africa near Senegal. Cape Verde is an Island Country and is flat, sandy and dry which makes for wonderful activities like dune buggy rides, fishing trips and long beach walks. Other nearby islands are home to many beautiful volcanoes. Portuguese and Italian explorers discovered and colonized the islands so you'll find a unique and soothing combination of cultures adding to the afro-portuguese island charm. Creativity - as in poetry and art - are infused into daily life. 

Indulge in

Cachupa -- the famous Cape Verde dish. A slow cooked stew made of corn, beans and local fish.

Getting There

Fly a charter plane to Boa Vista, many flights leave from the UK.



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