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The Personalities

Beach Bums, Hippies, Hikers, Hammock Dwellers.  


Kayaking to your next beach destination. Falling asleep to the sound of the ocean and waking up with the birds. Walking through a dense jungle and stepping out onto a perfect beach. 

Best Visiting Months

Anytime! Perfect tropical paradise. 



Why stay

Ilha Grande is a perfect place to visit after the hustle and bustle of Rio. Estrela da Ilha is located on a private beach and enclosed by a dense rainforest. Wake up every morning with the view of the Blue Lagoon - one of the most breathtaking places on the island. The lodge is built from eucalyptus wood, echoing its surrounding environment. Each of the 9 suites has a private balcony and a sea view. This is Tiki chic at its best! Enjoy the private dock, the pool, the hot tub and an open air yoga studio. Relax and explore at this perfect sanctuary. 

Why wander

You can get anywhere on the island by kayak or on foot. Take advantage of the numerous trails and explore the flora and fauna of the rainforest. Discover an incredible amount of rivers and waterfalls as well as diverse wildlife. Ilha Grande is home to 106 gorgeous beaches and coves, among them the famous Lopez Mendez Beach - one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Explore the charming fishing villages and see the island's underwater world of shipwrecks. 

Indulge in

Pastel basket with green salad and wild rice. Baked curled fish filet with passion fruit sauce, kale and manioc. Flan yogurt with guava sauce.

Getting There

Take a bus from Rio de Janeiro to Andras dos Reis, where you take a one hour boat ride to Ilha Grande. Get around the island on foot or kayak. There are no roads!

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