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 Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park

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The Personalities

Photographers, honeymooners, lovers, explorers with a taste for luxury


The complimentary colours of the landscape outside your window. Riding a horse through a jungle. Having a cold Aquila (national beer) after a day of adventures.

Best Visiting Months

Visit anytime of year. 30 degrees Celsius all year round. Welcome to the equator. 



Why stay

Jaba Nibue is situated a short boat ride away from Taganga fishing village on the beautiful and remote Playa Grande. Built on the side of the mountain, the ecohabs follow an ancient design that is sustainable yet visually pleasing. The view from your personal ecohab is simply surreal with surrounding red mountains and emerald sea. The landscape is hard to pinpoint and constantly changing - looking one way you imagine eastern Africa - another way, the view is very Mediterranean. While there is a lot to see in this region, it is important to take a day to simply enjoy the scenery from your window.

Why wander

Jaba Nibue sits on the outskirts of Tayrona National Park - one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. The best way to explore it is arriving by bus or taxi and leaving by boat - the chariot is half the adventure. Once you enter the park, you are advised to ride a horse through the rainforest, before entering one of the most unique and breathtaking beaches - Cabo San Juan. Imagine lush jungle spilling out onto the perfect white sand, surrounded by large smooth rocks. You will leave Tayrona with unforgettable memories and photographs. Another great day trip is to Playa Christal - a deserted beach with the clearest water and a beautiful mountainscape.

Indulge in

Catch of the day: fried red snapper with a side of coconut rice and crispy plantains. Fresh baked bread in Tayrona Park - choose a bun with cheese, chocolate or coconut.

Getting There

Fly into Cartagena and take a 4 hour car service to Taganga. 5 minute boat ride later you will arrive at Ecohabs Taganga. Suddenly the long trip will seem very worth it.

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