Northern Lights chasers. Hikers. Adventurous families. 


Stunning architecture. Watching sea eagles soar above. Reading National Geographic by the fire after a day full of adventures. Fluorecent sky.


Anytime - whether your preference is for grass or snow.




Manshausen is a resort and activity centre on a tiny Norwegian island by the same name, created by polar explorer Børge Ousland – the first person to visit the North Pole in a solo expedition.

The unique retreat is made up of sustainable and modern seacabins, the main house, and the Expedition loft. The two bedroom seacabins are spread out along the stone jetty and the terrain, overlooking the place where the sea and the mountains meet through large floor to ceiling windows. created by architect Snorre Stinessen is the designer of the huts.

Relax in the hot tub and watch the starry sky. Visit the newly renovated main house for a large open dining area as well as a fully stocked National Geographic library.

Manshausen aims to soon be climate neutral and supports local food producers.


You are located in the Steigen archipelago of Northern Norway - one of the most remote places in Europe and 62 miles inside the Arctic Circle. Visit Loftoten islands to the north or kayak to hundreds of small islands in the area. Fish directly from your cabin. Discover another kind of white sand beach in the West Fjord, created from ancient coral reefs, washed up on land over the years. Go hiking in some of the most picturesque parts of the worls. Visit Resshola, a 140 metres deep cave. Go rock climbing at Nordskot red granite cliffs. 


Fresh caught mackerel, halibut and seatrout. Local produce such as reindeer, lamb or elk.The seasonal specialties are bacalao, “lutefisk”, fresh cod and wild sheep from Steigen. 


Fly into the Bodo Airport. Take the ferry from Bodø city centre to Nordskot and arrange to be picked up by Manshausen's boat for the final leg of the journey.

*Images property of Manshaussen + Steve King


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