The Personalities

Surfers, Hippies with a taste for luxury, Spear-Fishing Enthusiasts


Waterfall Yoga. The perfect wave. Private paradise island. Watching the sunset lazily stretch over the horizon. Sharing the beach only with the water buffalo.  

Best Visiting Months

May - September is the dry season.



Why stay

Two surfers looking for the perfect break in 1988 is how Nihiwatu came to life. This very special, off-the-beaten path resort, is still considered a secret in the travellers' community. Located on the edge of Sumba, Nihiwatu is surrounded by tropical forest, rice terraces and grasslands, offering exquisite landscapes and breathtaking sanctuary. Choose between 12 beautiful private villas, each with a panoramic view. Rustic living at its finest, where the luxury is in the details. One of the most intriguing facts about Nihiwatu is that its own fuel is produced through harvested coconut meat. There is nothing quite possibly as tropical as that. When choosing to stay here you are contributing to the Sumba Foundation and providing humanitarian aid to the people of the island. The staff love Nihiwatu as much as you do and it shows. 

Why wander

Untouched coastline and a small local population offers an environment like no other. Cult-status waves. Spear fishing. Best diving, surfing and snorkelling in the world is at your fingertips. The Indian ocean is your oyster! Become part of the tradition with Nihiwatu’s turtle hatchery, when thousands of hatched eggs are released on the property’s coastline. See why Indonesia is home to six of the world’s seven turtle species. 

Indulge in

Best Tasting Coconuts. Anything from Nihiwatu's private organic garden or chicken farm. Just caught sea food. Sashimi made to order.

Getting There

Sumba is 400km to the West of Bali and an hour by air. 

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