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Curious Explorers, Hippies, Bird Enthusiasts, Beach Bums


Waking up with the roosters to the sunrise outside your window. Falling asleep to the soft calls of wildlife all around you. Colombian coffee with vanilla sunsets. Swinging in a hammock. Tingling from a day spent in the sun with a cool serene breeze on your skin.

Best Visiting Months

Anytime of year - you are almost on the equator!



Why stay

It is hard to do Playa Manglares justice solely with words and images. You realize how special this place is once you step out of the cab and get a warm embrace from your host Olga. The feeling you get when at a family cottage mixed with wild outback lodging in a remote untouched paradise describes Playa Manglares best. The Eco-lodge is located on a bay surrounded by mangrove and palm trees and full of wildlife. There are 3 floors with a different beautifully designed room on each floor, suited for the needs of a family, a couple, or friends traveling together. Little touches like a hammock in the room overlooking the bay or intricately tiled outdoor shower amidst a lush jungle make Playa Manglares unforgettable.

Why wander

A short motorcycle ride away is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - Playa Blanca. Be a beach bum for the day or take a boat trip to the nearby Rosario Islands, where you can snorkel and dive or simply enjoy having a private island to yourself. Once back at Playa Manglares, make sure to visit the Bird Sanctuary, and see why Colombia is one of the best places to bird-watch.

Indulge in

The juiciest and sweetest mango and papaya you will ever taste. Yucca and Cheese pastry. Guava coconut candy for dessert. Outdoor communal dinners with a different special everyday. You can count on it being fresh, local and organic.

Getting There

Fly into Cartagena and take a 50 minute taxi to Baru Island. Get around the island on the back of the locals' motorcycle.

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