The Personalities

Travellers chasing the Northern Lights and looking for a true North Pole Experience.  

Best Visiting Months

September to April for the Northern Lights. May to August for the never-ending days. 



Why stay

Welcome to Santa's Home, or to be precise - the arctic circle. Hotel Kakslauttane is located along the road to the Arctic Sea, close to Urho Kekkonen National Park in one of the cleanest natural environments you will ever visit. Accommodation varies by size and design. Choose a personal glass igloo for 2 or 4 - perhaps the most unique part of  the Hotel. Watch the Northern Lights through your glass ceiling. A log cabin is great for a longer stay, fit for a family or a group of friends. The rustic chic house is made from kelp pines and includes a fireplace and a sauna! Looking for a true northerner adventure? Spend a night in one of the snow igloos for a truly unique experience.  

Why wander

Take a husky or a reindeer safari and sled through the snowy wilderness. Enjoy the scenery along with some adrenaline on a snowmobile ride. After a long day of playing in the snow, indulge in the traditional Finish smoke sauna - the largest in the world. If you are visiting in the summer, enjoy the magical phenomenon of endless days, as the sun never sets between May and early August.

Indulge in

Traditional Finnish cuisine.

Getting There

Fly into Ivalo Airport. The hotel is only 30 minutes away.


The heat of the sauna following a refreshing cool plunge in the lake. Blue twilight. Crisp, bright snow. The purples and greens of Aurora Borealis. Summer midnight sun.

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