Visiting Bolivia has been a completely unexpected, unique, and out-of this world experience. It is a country truly like no other, with some of the most diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes.


Most memorable place 

I loved everything about La Paz. From the plane landing among white-capped mountain peaks to seeing what South America was like a 100 years ago. The colours appeared extra bright, due to the city’s high altitude, and the air had a crispness I’ve never experienced.

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Best new experience 

Biking 64km down the infamous Death Road. Starting with snowy peaks and ending up in a tropical jungle.

Most humbling experience 

Visiting Tiwanaku - a Pre-Columbian archaeological site near Lake Titicaca. It is one of the largest sites in South America, believed to have been the center of the world.


Most unexpected experience 

Seeing the diversity of wildlife and landscapes throughout the country.

Favourite landscape 

Too many to name. The Moon Valley, Isla Incahuasi meeting the salt flats. The Dali Desert. The Green Lagoon. Salar de Uyuni, of course.


Favourite nature experience 

Getting lost in the The Moon Valley,

Most unique accommodation 

Hotel Palacio de Sal in Uyuni - built completely out of salt.

The Atix Hotel - a design hotel, reflecting La Paz’s identity.

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Your favourite photo from the trip